CEO Todd Ehrlich Interviewed for “Growth Think Tank” Podcast

January 14, 2022

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Gene Hammett of the “Growth Think Tank” podcast interviewed FactorCloud’s CEO Todd Ehrlich last fall about “How to Create Great Teams.” The podcast episode was released today and can be listened to on Apple Podcasts or Libsyn. You may also listen or read the transcript at Or view a video of the conversation on YouTube.

Todd and Gene discuss a number of ways to create a great team that will thrive in a high-growth organization similar to Todd’s company, which was ranked #121 on the 2019 Inc. 5000 list. Listen in to hear:

  • What type of people to hire, and how to screen them.
  • The best way to manage teams.
  • Why traditional one-on-one meetings are ineffective.
  • How to run powerful team meetings where everyone leaves on a high note.
  • Why the first 90 days of a new team member’s employment is so critical.
  • How to give recognition that isn’t contrived but is effective.
  • Why the boss should own up to mistakes and even occasionally look like a “knucklehead.”
  • How to instill a sense of ownership in each employee.
  • Why you should treat ideas with an abundance mentality rather than from a scarcity point of view.

These topics and more are covered in the 24 minute long podcast episode.

At the time the episode was recorded, FactorCloud was still BAMFi. Since the acquisition of BAMFi’s BAM Capital division by TAB Bank last November, the company has pivoted to focus exclusively on its FactorCloud secured lending software.

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