CEO Todd Ehrlich Featured on “The Many Lives Podcast”

January 14, 2022

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FactorCloud Founder and CEO Todd Ehrlich was recently featured on “The Many Lives Podcast with Davis Rao.” Davis and Todd’s in-depth conversation covered a range of topics, including:

  • How a two-time college dropout became a Navy SEAL and successful serial entrepreneur.
  • What SEAL training is truly like, and how many candidates really make it through.
  • The importance of mindset, and how we all “have it in us.”
  • The two categories of entrepreneurs, and which one is more likely to succeed.
  • Why relationships in business are so important – there are more reasons than you’d think.
  • The many reasons companies should have a higher purpose.
  • How a self-professed “not a special guy” has been able to be successful time and time again.
  • Why entrepreneurs should “always be looking for a path forward.”

Listen to the episode here, on Apple Podcasts.

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