FactorCloud Features

How we help you grow revenue and reduce risks with our invoice factoring software

FactorCloud Modules

We’ve organized our factoring platform into comprehensive modules


Create standard terms for every client, debtor, or broker; or unique terms for anyone.

  • Reusable term templates
  • Discounted rates
  • Advance rates
  • Minimum fees
  • Additional fees
  • Negative cash reserve fee
  • Fee rules for partial payments, day of purchase, float days, prime plus fees


What some Factors call “Invoices” we call Schedules

  • Automated schedule creation from emailed attachments
  • Enhanced schedule lifecycle enabling you to work at your own pace
  • Include multiple invoices on a single schedule; simplifying your payout and record keeping
  • Multiple payout methods, ACH, EFS, etc.


Pull and assign credit reports from our integration partners

  • Ansonia integration enables you to pull credit based upon a single MC number
  • Automatically assign client credit limits based on results
  • Receive alerts as a client’s credit term is expiring
  • Track and audit client credit request history


Track all of your clients in our powerful CRM-style module

  • Assign unique company codes
  • Configure unique banking and billing information
  • Event management for UCC expiration, Contract expiration
  • Configure unique NOA templates
  • Assign credit buy/no-buys
  • Configure funding instructions
  • Assign sales reps & commissions
  • Multiple contacts per client
  • Store pertinent client documents


Manage account debtors, their relationships, and credit limits

  • Assign global debtor credit limits to ensure you are not over exposed across your clients
  • Configure global buy/no buy
  • Track and assign Ansonia credit limits
  • Configurable, white-labeled, email templates on a per-debtor basis
  • Multiple contacts per debtor
  • Report across debtors by client


As a broker track and manage your vendor relationships

  • Assign global vendor credit limits to ensure you are not over exposed across your clients
  • Configure global buy/no buy
  • Configure bank relationships and payment methods
  • Track and store pertinent vendor contract documents
  • Build and assign a Vendor-Client list and configure buy/no buys


4-dozen reports covering your book; all exportable and print-friendly

  • Client Overview
  • Credit Report
  • Unapplied Receipts
  • Funding Report
  • Chargeback Report
  • Many more…


Highly configurable collections pipeline for automating work

  • Track clients, debtors, and sub-debtors, number of invoices, total amounts
  • 30-60-90, and 90+ total amount tracking
  • Plus, charge back management


Automate payment tracking and import lockbox files

  • Import lockbox key file and automatically pair
  • Quickly determine outstanding payments by ledger-type
  • Authorize and facilitate payments to clients

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